There are scores of online casino sites out in cyberspace, and they all try to offer something special in terms of bonuses, fast payouts, VIP schemes and the like. But when you look at the games on offer, things can often get a little repetitive. You’ll typically see the same old slot games over again, along with casino classics like roulette and blackjack.  

Live casino gives the opportunity for platforms to offer something a little out of the ordinary. Sure, they will have live dealer versions of the standard table games, but many are branching out to also provide new games, or ones based on TV shows. Here are some that are definitely worth a try.

Bac Bo  

Bac bo

Popular Finnish platform Guts offers a live casino and has recently added this intriguing game devised by Evolution Gaming to its portfolio. As the name suggests, it is a combination of baccarat and sic bo. The gameplay is pure baccarat, in that you must back either a player win, banker win or tie. But while baccarat has convoluted card dealing rules, in bac bo, two dice are rolled for each of player and dealer, and the highest total wins. 

It’s refreshingly straightforward compared to most dice games, and the low house edge gives you a good chance of making your bankroll last longer. 

Deal or No Deal

The Dutch TV sensation of the 1990s Miljoenenjacht spawned versions in more than 80 countries, most commonly known by the UK title Deal or No Deal. It has been adapted into an engrossing live casino game that consists of a qualifying game, in which you must spin a wheel to line up the gold bars in order to gain access to the main game.  

Once in the main game, you’ll be up against the banker in a battle of nerves. Will you accept his offer or risk everything and open the box? The RTP is around 95.5 percent – sure, some games offer mathematically better odds, but few are this much fun! 


The most enduring casino games like blackjack are based on card games that have been around for centuries. Game developer 1×2 gaming decided that this meant cribbage, a game invented by 17th century English poet Sir John Suckling, was ripe for the online casino treatment.  

It was a brave endeavor; after all, the game as it is played in English country pubs is quite complex. However, this simplified version has won a lot of fans and become something of a cult classic. Player and dealer are each dealt four cards, with a community card (the crib) in the center. Points are scored for poker-type hands like pairs, straights and flushes, and the winner is the first to reach a predetermined target score.  

As our three examples show, live casino games take their inspiration from all sorts of sources, ranging from Cavalier poets to 1990s game shows. Next time you want to try something out of the ordinary, give them a try!