Choosing The Best Nolimit City Slots By The Numbers

Nolimit City (NLC) is amongst the most popular slot game developers on the planet right now. Itโ€™s for this reason that they were acquired by Evolution Gaming in a monstrous โ‚ฌ340 million deal back in 2022. Their rise to fame over a relatively short period โ€“ they started out back in 2016 โ€“ has been driven by a succession of ground-breaking games that set new standards for win potential, volatility, and gameplay. At the same time, they have broken taboos and explored weird themes previously untouched in online slots.

An interesting element of the NLC experience is their openness around game statistics. Whilst some developers are happy to share RTP rates, Nolimit City goes further by providing the full rundown of hit rate, volatility, free spins odds, max win, and max win probability too, all through its fan website.

For those who take their slots play seriously, this kind of knowledge feels like power. It creates new ways to think about the games and make decisions about which you want to play. Depending on your preference for big max wins, high RTPs, or good odds of triggering free spins, you can choose a game to suit your tastes.

In this article, weโ€™ve picked out the best games for each of these key stats to help you find one youโ€™ll enjoy based on your attitude to risk and reward.

High Max Win (including probability)

Nolimit City has built a reputation on slots with high maximum win values. These are the maximum payouts a game will make. This is a cap, and if a game round creates a win that exceeds the value, then the amount over the max win is simply removed from the payout. The max win is expressed as a multiple of the stake (e.g. 50,000x means a ยฃ50,000 win for a ยฃ1 stake). What is unusual about NLC is that they share the probabilities of hitting these prizes (in most cases).

Tombstone Rip Slot NLC

Here are the top 5 max wins in NLC games as of February 2024.

1. Tombstone RIP โ€“ 300,000x โ€“ 1 in 130 million odds
2. San Quentin xWays โ€“ 150,000x โ€“ Unspecified odds
3. Folsom Prison โ€“ 75,000x โ€“ 1 in 6.5 million odds
4. Serial โ€“ 74,800x โ€“ 1 in 12 million
5. Misery Mining โ€“ 70,000x โ€“ 1 in 60 million

As you can see, the Wild West slot, Tombstone RIP, offers by far the highest max win value of any online slot right now. But of course, the odds of winning are ludicrous at 1 in 130 million. For comparison, the UK lottery is 1 in 45 million. The game also has an extraordinarily low win rate โ€“ just 9% of spins result in a win, compared to an average of 27% across ALL NLC slots. In other words, itโ€™s an outlier with amazing potential, but very tough odds. Keep this in mind when deciding whether you want to play.

Best For Free Spins Odds

With Nolimit City games the best stuff happens in the Free Spins rounds. These bonus features are difficult to unlock, normally they donโ€™t appear for at least 150 spins, sometimes 250 or more. But with enhanced features like extra wilds, progressive multipliers, and increased paylines, free spins rounds give you a better shot of hitting the headline maximum win number, or at least something closer to it than you see in the base game.

Here are 5 games from NLC with some of the best odds of hitting the free spins round. These are averages remember, so there is no guarantee that you will hit the bonus feature within this number of spins. But it is a good guide.

Gaelic Gold Slot Demo Nolimit City

1. Gaelic Gold โ€“ 1 in 127 spins
2. Sushi Mania โ€“ 1 in 144 spins
3. DJ Psycho โ€“ 1 in 147 spins
4. Book of Shadows โ€“ 1 in 154
5. Jingle Balls โ€“ 1 in 166

Most Extreme Volatility

Attitudes towards volatility vary from one player to the next depending on their attitude to risk. Highly volatile slots are ones with extremely uneven win distributions with long periods with little or no return on your spins, before a sudden big payout. This characteristic makes them high risk for high reward. You need a big balance to keep feeding the game whilst waiting for that payout.

NLC slots are notorious for their volatility. And if you like that kind of experience, then you are in the right place. They even invented new levels of volatility โ€“ Extreme and Insane! Here are 5 of their games with the highest volatility settings.

1. Tombstone RIP โ€“ Insane Volatility
2. San Quentin xWays โ€“ Insane Volatility
3. Mental โ€“ Insane Volatility
4. Karen Maneater โ€“ Insane Volatility
5. Folsom Prison โ€“ Insane Volatility

San Quentin Xways Slot Nolimit City

Itโ€™s no coincidence that three of the highest max win slots are also NLCโ€™s most volatile. You can expect a tough time of it if you choose to play any of these slots but they will kick out some huge wins every now and then. Careful bankroll management and low stakes will help you to navigate the highs and lows.

Best For Return to Player

Perhaps the most important stat of all is Return to Player (RTP). This tells you, on average, how much a game will pay out over time as a percentage of all money wagered on it. Most slots have an RTP of around 96%, though in some cases it’s higher and in others, lower.
If you are looking for the most favourable RTP settings in NLC games, you have to go back a few years. Some of their early slots had very good RTP. Here are the Top 5.

1. Sushi Mania โ€“ 96.77%
2. Oktober Fest โ€“ 96.75%
3. Casino Win Spin โ€“ 96.74%
4. BBQ Frenzy โ€“ 96 .7%
5. Wixx โ€“ 96.61%

Each of these slots was produced between 2016 and 2018 and has a medium volatility. Their max wins are also lower than you find in later NLC games. The highest win potential is found in Wixx which has just a 2,796x top payout!

NOTE: Like some rival developers, Nolimit City offers their slots to casino operators with more than one RTP setting. For example, the recent release, Land of the Free, can run at 96.08%, 94.05%, 92.01%, or 87.07%. The casino manager will decide what level the game should be set to. Some choose very low settings to improve their margins. In NLC games you can check the RTP within the game itself by hitting the hamburger button at the bottom left of the reels and scrolling through until you find RTP. If itโ€™s lower than optimum, you should play elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Nolimit City has produced some of the finest online slots of the last 7 years, with extreme numbers to back up creative themes. Think about these stats before you decide which one you want to spin. And remember that they are not all independent of one another but should be considered together.

A high max win game sounds great, but if the odds are so long, is it worth it? Are you interested in hitting the free spins round as often as possible, or would you just settle for a high RTP? Finding a balance between all the numbers is the best way to go. Whatever you decide, play responsibly.