The Most Famous Street Scam Card Trick Explained

Fraud takes many different forms around the world. One of the street scam tricks is a card “game” called Three Card Monte. In this article, we will look at the trick itself and explain the methods used by scammers to swindle money from the gullible. Latvian online casinos can help with finding trusted casinos online.

Three Card Monte process

The idea behind Three Card Monte is very simple. The cheat shows you three cards – two of which will usually be low-value black cards, such as two black 8s or two black 3s. The third card will be a red high-value card, such as the ace of clubs or queen of hearts. The dealer places all three cards next to each other on the table and asks them to follow the red card. The cards are turned face down and the cheat shuffles the three cards in front of you, picking them up one by one and dropping them in another place.

If you’ve made a bet with the cheat that you can keep track of the cards, you’ll be very happy – who couldn’t keep track of one of the three cards! You carefully follow the “money” card until the cheat finishes shuffling, leaves all the cards side by side and asks you to point to the “money” card. You point to the correct card with complete confidence, the card is turned over, and it is the Three of Spades. The cheat smiles and collects your money if you had made a bet. How did this happen? I kept a close eye on the card!


The trick that the cheat takes is actually very simple. During the shuffling process, by throwing the cards on the table one by one, the cheat can make a false throw by dropping one of the black cards where the “money” card should have fallen. The sleight of hand trick can completely fool the spectator into continuing to follow the completely wrong card.

If the cheat spots someone who knows the method, it is still easy to beat the spectator, because a fake throw looks exactly like a real throw; the cheat simply stops cheating! The victim thinks that the fraudster is making a fake throw, when in fact everything was fair.

Why does this work?

In a three-card Monte card game, three elements are used to manipulate players: knowledge, arrogance and deception. The cheat has honed his technique in sleight of hand and can fool even the most gullible, and the cheat imposes and man’s arrogance and self-esteem. Deception is when you overestimate your ability to keep up with the deceiver in the belief that it is impossible to deceive you.

People quickly assume that they are smarter than the people who play these games. Fraudsters even tend to convince people by their dress and behavior that they are easy to beat and not that intelligent. In an interview with a Three Card Monte trickster, it was admitted that it is almost too easy to take advantage of anyone who looks down on people who are different from themselves.