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Anyone familiar with internet-based casino gaming is probably aware of the fact that there is an almost uncountable number of operators available online. The same cannot be said about game developers. Although there are hundreds of companies that make casino software, only a handful of game providers can be found at nearly all the industry’s best casino sites. This is because some software companies have a proven track record when it comes to creating quality games that are not only visually stunning but are also fun for players. The team over at has written a collection of in-depth reviews of some of the best game providers in the world. For comprehensive reviews about the top companies, follow the link. Below, we are showcasing the top five game software developers, whose games can be found in the libraries of the best online casinos.

Number 1: Microgaming

Microgaming is the safe choice at number one. Anyone who has spent time playing online casino games has probably come across their fair share of Microgaming titles. This Isle-of-Man-based provider has been around since 1994 and claims to have created the world’s first true online casino software. Ten years after Microgaming was founded, the company’s developers produced the first-ever mobile casino software. The company produces software for poker, bingo and sportsbook operators. It’s bread and butter, however, are its online and land-based casino products.
The company has produced over 500 slot games with unique features and themes. The software provider’s slots have earned the company numerous awards from various award shows, which include the EGR B2B Awards, Global Gaming Awards, Malta Gaming Awards to name a few. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is probably the most popular online slot game in the world. Nevertheless, Mega Moolah is just one small piece of the puzzle in the company’s gigantic progressive jackpot network, the largest in the world. To date, Microgaming’s jackpots have awarded over €1 billion in winnings. The company also holds the record for the largest single jackpot payout on an online slot machine game. These are just a few of the reasons why Microgaming software is considered the best in the online casino market.

Number 2: NetEnt

It probably comes as no surprise that this Swedish game developer would be featured on this list. The company has been a pioneer in the world of iGaming for over 20 years and was one of the first software companies to really push the boundaries of online gaming. There is no doubt that online casino gaming would not be as popular as it is today without companies like NetEnt that make gaming fun. The company is mainly known for its immensely popular slot games, which include titles, such as Gonzo’s Quest, Jack and the Beanstalk and Starburst. Starburst often gives players’ their first taste of the online gambling world. Free spins for NetEnt’s Starburst game are included in many online casino welcome offers.
Here are some figures that help put into perspective, just how popular the software company is. NetEnt has over 200 games that in 2017 alone, handled over 40 billion gaming transactions. This is an extremely impressive number when one considers the volume of casino games vying for players’ attentions. Amongst the software developer’s impressive game’s library, players will find a nice selection of live dealer games as well.

Number 3: ELK Studios

Longevity isn’t the only quality a company needs in order to crack our top five list. In fact, some of the best game developers out there are also some of the newest. ELK Studios is another Swedish software developer that has made some serious waves in the iGaming market. Around since 2012, it wasn’t long before ELK Studios’ software started to get attention. The company chooses to emphasize quality over quantity, but this hasn’t stopped ELK from earning industry awards for slots, such as Wild Toro.
What makes ELK Studios truly special, however, is its unique gaming universe. One of the most fun aspects of ELK’s games is that many of them are connected. It isn’t uncommon to see one of your favourite slot characters pop up in multiple titles. The reappearance of beloved figures, mixed with the company’s unique animation style, makes it easy to know when you’re enjoying ELK Studios’ software. Keep an eye out for the next ELK release.

Number 4: Scientific Games

Scientific Games, sometimes referred to simply as SG, is the only American software company to make it in the top five developer list. Although the United States has an illustrious gambling history, and the country houses some of the world’s premier gambling establishments, the US isn’t particularly known for its online gaming industry. This fact is what makes SG’s accomplishments all the more impressive. The developer is based in Las Vegas and can trace its roots as far back as 1932 when the first electro-pinball machine was invented. Since the company’s humble beginnings, SG has produced quality games that can be found online and at many land-based casinos. The game provider has taken the opposite approach of ELK Studios and has perhaps the largest game library in the whole world. Follow the link at the top of the page to find reviews for each of these developers. The reviews point players towards sites that carry games from each specific software provider.

Number 5: Playtech

Playtech is a pillar of the online gaming industry. The company was founded in 1999 and holds an almost near-monopoly on the officially licensed game category. Most movie-themed games found online are part of Playtech’s software collection. The company’s main HQ is in the Isle of Man, but it has a presence that can be felt around the world. This specific developer is one of the few that is officially listed on the London Stock Exchange. Historically known for its slot games, Playtech is now seeking to conquer the live-dealer game market. The developer recently launched a live-gaming studio in Riga, Latvia. Today, most Playtech casinos will feature both its virtual and live-dealer table games. Whether you like the Dark Knight, Gladiator, or comedies, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the best Playtech sites.