Demo slots allow you to play online slot machines in “free play” mode – no deposit required – and are a great way to familiarize yourself with a game before investing your money in playing for real. That said, there are some people who question the need for demo slots altogether – these games produce an outcome-based entirely on luck, so why bother to test them before spinning for real? We decided to investigate why people love to play demo slots and found that players have several great reasons to do so.

Why Play Demo Slots?

Testing the Latest Games

It’s true that the results of spinning a slot machine are produced entirely at random – you cannot gain skill by playing a slot machine in advance. Despite this, there can be many advantages of playing an online slot ahead of time. Only by spinning a new game yourself can you gauge your chances of hitting the scatters and landing a feature – developers often do not publish any statistics regarding the odds of hitting a bonus round, and even those that do will usually refuse to give exact figures or odds.

It can take a long time to hit the feature in an online slot – imagine you have finally hit three scatters after spending the better part of an hour (along with a pile of cash!) playing the game. The game presents you with four different bonus rounds you can opt to play. Which should you choose? Demo slots give you an opportunity to test this scenario, try all four bonus rounds, and determine which one you are most happy to spend your money on ahead of time.

When alternative choices are offered at the beginning of a bonus or free spins feature, it is fair to assume that the different options could have wildly different levels of variance attached to them. You may feel comfortable taking a guess if the options are fewer spins with a big multiplier vs more spins with a smaller multiplier, but what if it is expanding wilds vs sticky wilds? Cascading reels vs wild reels? Sometimes the only way to get a true feel for a game is to play it yourself, and demo slots are the best way to do this without spending any money.

Keep Spinning Beyond your Budget

All gamblers require a level of discipline if they are to enjoy their hobby over the medium to long term. Learning to manage a bankroll and knowing when to stop may be easy for some people, but for most it takes real time and effort to overcome the natural desire to keep on playing until you get your money back or move into a profit.

Another widely cited reason for playing demo slots is that they give you the opportunity to keep on spinning, even if the games have been cruel and cut your planned evenings gaming many hours short. Sure, playing games in “free play” mode isn’t the same as playing for real money, but if you had planned to spend your night playing slots and have found yourself with an empty bankroll in less than half an hour, these games give you an option other than spending outside of your comfort zone.

Try Unknown Games & Unknown Developers

The list of games available at an average online casino used to be comparable to a shelf full of your favourite books. In recent years, however, the catalogue of games offered by big-name online casinos has exploded from a few dozen titles into the equivalent of an entire library – perhaps as many as several thousand different slot machines. We all love choice, but the sheer scale of a modern online casino makes it impossible for a single player to know everything about every single game.

Picking games at random can be lots of fun, but you couldn’t possibly play a sizable chunk of the available library at a major online casino in 2022 without a bankroll of epic proportions. Demo slots give you a way around this – you can test the latest games by your favourite developers to see if you want to play them for real money, or perhaps try high-RTP games you have seen recommended on review sites. You can easily spend a whole weekend testing game at a site such as, and have plenty of fun doing so!