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Ruby Play Casinos List 2022


Ruby Play is an interesting new iGaming studio that opened not so long ago. The company is based in Malta. The company has an office in Kyiv, Ukraine as well.
At the moment, there are around one hundred different casino slots. The games are high quality and bring a new breeze to the market. You can find more details about Ruby Play and its slots a little bit below.

In the meantime, you can check the best Ruby Play casinos.

Among the top titles Ruby Play has created, we can find Mayan Blaze, Roman Legend, Zeus Rush Fever, and many more. Also, they are actively developing more games.

You can find all the slots created by Ruby Play in the table below with RTP, hit frequency, and a link to a demo version.

All Ruby Play slots come in many languages, including Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, English of course, and tens of others.

Chap has found Ruby Play slots very fun to play and really entertaining. It’s interactive and. Thanks to HTML5 and WebGL technology, all the slots work flawlessly on any device – is it a smartphone or tablet, it doesn’t matter at all – the games run impressively and smoothly. It’s ensured by a high FPS rate.

Ruby Play has optimized the games so that they do not drain a smartphone’s battery. It allows playing longer.

Ruby Play Slots

Slot NameRTPHit FrequencyMax WinDemo
Viking Crusade96.49%31.64%5000xDEMO
Zeus Rush Fever Deluxe96.56%38.59%4501xDEMO
More Dragon Ladies96.39%41.24%5000xDEMO
Mayan Blaze96.40%32.60%900xDEMO
Roman Legend96.57%34.32%2000xDEMO
Book of Riches Deluxe Chapter 296.49%27.80%10000xDEMO
Mucho Loco Habanero96.39%41.24%5000xDEMO
New Year Rising96.46%41.13%2000xDEMO
Shake Shake Christmas96.48%32.10%1100xDEMO
Ancient Pharaoh96.51%33.97%2000xDEMO
Volcano Rising96.46%41.13%2000xDEMO
Clovers of Luck96.40%46.84%1600xDEMO
Wizard’s Spell96.81%32.53%2000xDEMO
#Alice and the Mad Respin Party96.70%59.60%1200xDEMO
Feliz Día de los Muertos96.88%33.79%4000xDEMO
Grand Express Diamond Class96.88%41.56%2000xDEMO
Vegas No Limit Wins96.88%31.23%4260xDEMO
Adventures of Li'l Red96.90%34.63%2800xDEMO
Enter the Vault96.82%48.24%8000xDEMO
Bull Fever96.88%33.79%4000xDEMO
Grand Express Action Class96.94%41.56%2000xDEMO
African Cats96.33%25.20%5500xDEMO
Book of 8 Riches96.90%23.86%8000xDEMO
Silver & Gold Mine96.88%31.61%2800xDEMO
Rush Fever 7s96.90%38.30%8600xDEMO
Dawn of the Incas96.90%34.63%2800xDEMO
Elephant Stampede96.91%31.31%1900xDEMO
Prosperity Journey96.48%23.50%10000xDEMO
Christmas Fortune96.49%31.60%5500xDEMO
Zeus Rush Fever96.90%38.30%8600xDEMO
Blazing Tiger96.40%32.60%900xDEMO
He He Yang96.90%31.36%2700xDEMO
Dr. Frankenstein96.39%32.80%5400xDEMO
Wolf Haven96.49%29.60%1350xDEMO
Shake Shake Leprechaun96.48%32.10%1100xDEMO
Dragon 8s 25x96.30%33.10%2500xDEMO
Egyptian Sun96.44%33.96%1000xDEMO
#Alice in the Wild96.42%46.84%1600xDEMO
Sun of Ra96.90%30.4%4200xDEMO
Mayan Cache96.47%27.28%2300xDEMO
Arcane Beauties96.48%35.80%600xDEMO
Reel All-Stars96.47%28.23%1000xDEMO
Pirates Booty96.49%34.50%5800xDEMO
Shake Shake Money Tree96.48%32.10%1100xDEMO
Quest of Gods96.48%23.5%10000xDEMO
New Year Hapiness96.46%22.80%5100xDEMO
Brilliant Gems96.49%23.90%2500xDEMO
Savage Lion96.46%22.80%5100xDEMO
Book of Riches Deluxe96.49%27.80%10000xDEMO
Vegas Hotties96.52%29.20%5400xDEMO
Book of Riches94.89%30.60%5100xDEMO
Loco Habanero96.49%31.60%5500xDEMO
Rio Pleasures96.24%19.00%13000xDEMO
Immortal Empress96.18%30.80%10400xDEMO
Madame Luck96.47%24.30%1500xDEMO
Medusa Money96.50%29.80%1400xDEMO
Dragon Prophecy94.61%21.20%6000xDEMO
Piggy Gold96.41%30.40%7000xDEMO
Hot & Heavy96.14%27.60%10300xDEMO
Macau Beauties96.52%29.20%5400xDEMO
Dragon Ladies96.49%31.60%5500xDEMO
Lady Phoenix96.49%22.50%3500xDEMO
Wild Thirst96.26%35.00%10300xDEMO
Bamboo Fortune96.37%28.50%10200xDEMO

Most Popular Ruby Play Slots

Even though the company is pretty new, it already has some slots that already conquered the players’ hearts. Let Chap go deeper into a few now. Maybe you will find your favorite slot game today.

Vegas Hotties Slot Game

Vegas Hotties

The name talks for itself. Vegas and hotties really make your heart bounce faster. This Las Vegas-themed online slot game has 50 lines configuration. While the game offers 96.52% RTP, the players can max win 5,400x.

The Vegas Hotties slot has a few features:

Jackpot Mania

6 or more CHIPS trigger Jackpot Mania, respin to get more CHIPS. Fill the colorful screen with 15 CHIPS in order to win the GRAND.

Extra Jackpot Feature

2, 3, or 4 positions become WILD CHIPS.

Free Games Bonus

5 or more BONUS triggers Free Spins. Each BONUS gives awards of 1, 2, 3, 5, or 8 Free Spins each. Also, Extra Jackpot Feature occurs much more often.

Here is a trailer to look deeper into how this slot works:

All in all, Vegas Hotties by Ruby Play is an awesome and very entertaining slot that should be tried by you.

Wolf Haven

Wolf Haven is a 5-reel and 3-row slot. This wild theme slot guarantees up to 100,000 different ways to win. That’s impressive! Moreover, it contains a Free Games bonus and Random Wild features.

Wolf Haven Slot

Finally, collect Ruby coins as you play which enables you to activate the Buy a Bonus feature.

Let’s check Wolf Haven gameplay to see how it looks.

So to finalize everything, Ruby Play has a lot of awesome games and we are going to see more of its games in the nearest future. They are high-quality.

It’s an exclusively promising iGaming provider that is worth your attention.