Rollbit Crypto Futures Betting Guide

Cryptocurrencies’ price changes millions of times during the day. It goes up and down every second. As with stocks, people can use various trading websites and companies for buying and selling different assets. It works simply by buying cheaper and selling at a higher price. However, such a thing requires a good knowledge of markets, following the news, and so on. People make a living out of it while some just burn and lose a lot of money.

Rollbit Crypto Futures Betting

With this market growing, many new ways of trading have appeared. There are a lot of different platforms, hundreds of coins, and derivatives. However, one company decided to put all this concept into the gambling environment. That online casino is called Rollbit and offers many regular online casino games. However, among all of them, there is a section named “Crypto Futures” where that new form of betting lies. So here, in this article, Chap will explain how it works, what is it, and how you can start betting on crypto futures.

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How Crypto Futures Betting Works?

Everything is very simple and does not need any specific knowledge. You see candles of prices (they are called Japanese candles and you can read about what they represent here, it’s really easy to understand and will not take a few minutes of your time) of which each represents the selected crypto price. If the candle is green, it means the price is going up, and if it is red, the price goes down. Your main goal is to catch the local price bottom or top and set your bet accordingly.

More advanced traders also use this platform for making their bets, however, thanks to technical and fundamental analysis most of their bets have a very good chance of being correct and bringing profit.

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How to Make Bets On Rollbit Crypto Futures?

It is super simple and easy to understand. Let us explain it more in-depth.

  1. Select the guess (price is going up or down)
    Rollbit Crypto Futures Bid
  2. Select a wager amount
    Rollbit Wager Amount
  3. Select the bet multiplier (read bout it a bit below)
    Rollbit Multiplier
  4. Place the bet
    Rollbit Place Bet

Yes, it’s so simple. The charts are moving very fast and during the day users can make a lot of bets. This market never sleeps, even during the weekends it is open, and sometimes a lot of big moves happen when no one expects it.

What Is Rollbit Crypto Futures Multiplier?

To clarify the multiplier, it is one of the special features that make crypto futures betting even more exciting. If your bet is $50 and a multiplier is set to 10x, it means the user’s bet size is worth $500 of crypto. Players can use up to x1000 multiplier which enables a single bet of $30 to be worth up to $30,000.

For example, the player places a bet using an x1000 multiplier with a $30 wager amount, which means now his bet is worth 1 Bitcoin ($30,000 is the price per one bitcoin at the moment this guide is being written). If the Bitcoin price goes up to $32,000 the player wins $2,000. That’s because a huge multiplier was used. However, even though this sounds very impressive and dollar signs are already in your eyes, it is not so in favor only of the gambler. There is a “Bust Price” indicator, which shows when your bet will be lost. The bust price is simply the price of selected crypto futures. Always check that before placing a bet, because when the multiplier is very big, the price of a lost bet is very tinny.

What Cryptocurrencies Can Be Bet On?

At the moment Rollbit supports these crypto futures for betting:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Doge
  • Litecoin
  • Binance Coin
  • Ripple
  • Link
  • Solana
  • Cardano
  • Tron
  • Shib
  • Polkadot
  • Matic
  • Ape
  • Aptos
  • Fantom
  • Zcash
  • Arbitrum
  • Pepe
  • Floki

Some of them are more volatile than others, so decide how risky and quickly moving coins you want to bet on.

A Few Other Tips

  • Because the cryptocurrency market moves a lot with the news, it is always smart to make your bets when something impactful happens. For example, bad news about big crypto exchanges bankrupting will result in prices moving down. And if something positive happens, clearly, the price should move up.
  • Manage your risk, do not open trades/bets one after another, wait a bit and see what the market does.
  • Read about trading candle (Japanese) patterns, sometimes the winning bet can be quite obvious.
  • Check the Rollbit ROI calculator where you can put the wager size, multiplier, and size of a move, and calculate possible profits or losses. It’s very useful to understand the concept of such betting.

More about Rollbit

If you are unfamiliar with this casino/sportsbook, you should know that it mainly focuses on cryptocurrencies. Deposits, withdrawals, and even authorization (login) can be made through crypto wallets.

Moreover, the brand has a very interesting rewards system. Players can get rakebacks, daily, weekly, or monthly bonuses, free side bets, and more.

The casino is a trusted amount cryptocurrency community and provides users with a very solid level of privacy and protection.

Rollbit Online Casino

How to Play On Rollbit?

Except for crypto futures betting (crypto futures trading), playing on Rollbit is the same as any other online casino that offers a regular online gambling experience. Due to many great iGaming providers, users can find thousands of classic and beloved games that are very well-known probably to each player. Together with live casino games, it makes Rollbit a great place for your online casinos and gambling journey.

Other than that, the users only have to make a deposit that takes no more than a few minutes, and enjoy everything Rollbit online casino offers. So playing on Rollbit is super easy and quick.

Final Word

Rollbit new generation casino’s crypto futures betting is a really interesting way to gamble and trade cryptocurrencies at the same time. This is a new concept with huge leverage involved that can make your small bet big, resulting in quite juicy profits.

At the same time, the size of the multiplier can easily turn your risky bets into losses very quickly so understanding how it works and when to make a bet is crucial. Without a strategy and a plan, your bets are going to be just a coin flipping.

Other than that, we can say that Rollbit is a decent place for this betting, not only for crypto futures but for many regular slots as well. Not excluding a decent selection of sports events on which the users can bet crypto too.