Did you ever play blackjack online? If yes, you probably wonder how to win online blackjack. Chap wants to share his experience of playing and winning at this game. Before starting to play, of course, you must know what is blackjack and know all its rules. For this, you can read Chap’s detailed blackjack guide. It covers most popular strategies, main rules and much more. This is probably the first and most important step before going deeper. If you don’t know the rules, or you don’t understand them clearly, step back and do not play. Know the game first! Like Albert Einstein once said:

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

This fits here very well. Of course, in this case, you must play better than the dealer. Yes, it is a hard task, but still, you have a chance.

How To Win Online Blackjack

How To Win Online Blackjack Tips & Tricks

First of all, it is very important to understand that there is no secret recipe that will make you win all the time. When you ask – is it possible to win online blackjack, just remember that there are a lot of ingredients. Blackjack is also the game of luck, so cards can be not favorable. Only if the player knows his chances, he can think clearly and create a strategy that can bring the winnings.

So let’s start!

Cards Counting

This is probably the most covered topic about the blackjack. We’ve talked about it too in our blackjack guide mentioned before. Just to remind you what it is in a few words – blackjack card counting is a technique that requires the player to count cards and track how many low and high cards are still in the dealer’s deck. The super detailed guide with interactive training game is created by Casino.org, must check it if you’re going to use this strategy!

However, card counting in land based and online casinos have its differences. But since this guide is about how to win online blackjack, let’s focus on that. Here are the key details:

  • The player must know how many decks are in the game
  • The gambler should know how many gamblers are playing together
  • Also, he should see all the action that happens on the table

On the other hand, if the user goes with Live Casino feature at any online casino, he sees live table with real croupier. This is almost the same as playing at ground casino. So select online gambling place carefully. You can always go with our lists where all the online casinos are checked and reviewed before going live on Casinochap.com.

Chap recommends selecting Live Casino feature to play Blackjack online. It’s the best for those who are looking the strategy on how to win online blackjack!

To add, cards counting is not illegal, especially online. However, using an extra software can be treated as fraud. Chap is against using illegal tactics.

Online Blackjack Bankroll ManagementBankroll Management

Another very important part – bankroll management. Without proper bankroll management, your chances of being successful at online blackjack goes way down. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Also, never bet the whole amount. Divide gambling bank for the number of bets you are going to play. If you count cards, keep that in mind that it might need to see many rounds before being able to win using that strategy. Control the money!

Blackjack Insurance

This is a strategy used together with cards counting. However, it is recommended for more experienced players. Mainly, it allows to lower the losses per hand if the dealer has blackjack. Know advanced strategies as the insurance to increase your chances of winning!


Emotions Control Is The Key To Winning Online Blackjack

One more psychological aspect that highly influences the chances of winning. Never try to win back the losses.

Losing the control leads to bad decisions.

Play the game you play, just keep your strategy and even if you got a bad streak, don’t get out of your way. If you feel bad, better turn off the game and go for a walk, read a book or do anything that will let you forget to keep your minds away. Get back the next day or even a week. Keep the game fun!

Learn and read about Blackjack to WinAlways Learn

Improve your game by reading a few books about the game. You can find plenty of videos as well. Here are a few books that many professional blackjack gamblers recommends:

There are way more books written about playing blackjack, winning it, its strategies, card counting and much more. Just browse online and Chap hopes you will find a lot of great things to read. Never stop learning!

Extra Tips On How to Win Online Blackjack

Here is the last part and a little general, however, very useful but gathered during playing a lot of hands. Note: it is very oriented to playing online and live casino blackjack.

  1. Make sure to always have good and stable internet connection. Bad signal can lead to delays and missing hitting the button on time.
  2. Know your favorite brand. Live casinos have a lot of various blackjack providers. Play the one you love.
  3. Filter the advices. Sometimes casinos have live chat feature enabled, there are situations where live croupier says something, just trust yourself. Not the others. They are not always wishing you luck.
  4. Keep the game fun. Don’t get involved in some races, just play to keep blackjack fun.

Final Word

To sum up, winning the blackjack online is not something magical. Can you win online blackjack? You can do it if you follow your strategy and keep emotions ice-cold. Also, knowing your and online casino chances gives an extra confidence. Finally, knowing when to stop is probably one of the most important advices here. Don’t overplay and always keep the fun. That’s what all we want, right?

We hope your question, how to win blackjack online, was answered!


Disclaimer: This guide was not created to encourage gambling. Information provided here cannot guarantee the winnings. That depends on a lot of factors and the player’s skills. Only spend the money you can afford to lose. If the gambling becomes a problem – get help!