No KYC Casinos Guide

If you are a gambler who tested a few online casinos already, you should have been asked for the documents and personal details by the casino. That process is called Know Your Customer (or just a short KYC). This procedure is necessary for casinos that hold UKGC or MGA licenses. In some cases, even Curacao casinos might ask you to provide them with these details. It ensures that the funds come from a legitimate source, also, that the player isn’t underage. These checks usually happen when the player wants to cash out his/her winnings. And rarely happens at the moment of depositing the funds to a casino, except for the details that are required for registering an account.

However, some online casinos offer players the to play without going through long and complicated (sometimes) checks and verifications. These casinos are called No KYC Casinos. Below, you will find a list of the Top No KYC casinos at the moment. And under the list, there is a guide with everything you must know.

All these no-KYC online casinos accept players from Germany where such sites have become very popular within the last few years due to more strict regulations and laws.

Best No KYC Casinos

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What Are No KYC Casinos?

These online casinos do not ask the gambler to provide personal details such as a passport or ID card, phone number, etc. Sometimes, these online casinos can even be called Anonymous casinos.

Don’t get confused, many of these casinos without KYC still require you to register an account before playing where a player probably will be asked for email, phone number, and password, of course.

The player still needs to register and open an account to play at No KYC Casino, except it is a no-account casino.

On the other hand, there are no registration casinos that never ask a player to register and go through the know-your-customer process. Thanks to advanced technology that uses bank ID for verifying a player’s identity and at the same time, verifying who is logging in to a casino.

What’s The Difference Between No KYC Casino and Regular Casino?

There are a couple of differences, but they are pretty obvious.

First, for sure, is the player’s verification procedure. At casinos without KYC, it doesn’t exist. Regular online casinos always ask a player to verify his identity when depositing (rarely) or withdrawing funds out of the casino account.

Secondly, the payment options. Due to many financial and banking regulations, some payment methods cannot be used without going through the KYC procedure. That includes many e-wallets such as Skrill, Paypal, Paysafecard, etc. Of course, bank transfers and bank cards always have to be validated.

Other than that, everything else is the same. Games, design, mobile applications. The players get all the features on both types of casinos.

No KYC Casino Bonuses

The sky is blue, casinos without KYC always have bonuses and promos. All of them have something juicy and generous. You will find what bonuses the casinos have on our casino list. So just select the one you like and go with it. Moreover, these casinos have many other promotions like reload bonuses, cashback, and special holiday promos. So no matter if the casino is no KYC or not, it still has something for you.

All No KYC Casinos listed on CasinoChap have bonuses & promotions!

What Does Usually Casino Ask When Proceeding KYC?

No KYC Casinos - Casino Can Ask VerificationThere are mainly a few things that the casino will ask to confirm the player’s identity:

  • ID – passport, national ID card, or driver’s license (not in the EU);
  • Phone number verification – the user will get an SMS with a code to verify that the phone number exists;
  • Proof of address – just a scan or photo of a phone bill, bank statement, or something like that.

Some more advanced casinos that already have implemented the newest verification technologies also could ask for your selfie picture that later is compared with the photo on your ID. That procedure is completed automatically and takes only a few minutes. But, that’s not all. What else you might be asked by the casino?

  • A picture of your bank card (you can hide most of the card details);
  • Proof of your funds.

These are asked rarely, but keep that in mind, the casino might ask anything to fully verify the player’s account.

All in all, it doesn’t look too much. However, if the user isn’t comfortable with providing his/her data for an unknown online casino, that really could be a problem. In the age of technology and the Internet, this concern is understandable and appropriate. Security specialists teach us not to reveal our details to anyone online. And that’s a valid point. The number of scams grows drastically and people more than ever must be vigilant. And here is where No KYC Casinos come in to help.

Do not register and play on no KYC casino if your country is restricted!

What Payment Methods Are Used At No KYC Casinos?

No KYC Casinos - PaymentsThis is pretty straightforward. At the moment this guide is being written, there are only a couple of payment methods that don’t require going through KYC.

Surprise surprise, the first banking option is cryptocurrencies. Most online casinos that state no KYC require that the player would only use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin, etc. These cryptocurrency casinos still require a player to open an account before starting to play. But usually, that’s only an email and password. Moreover, these online casinos provide fast withdrawals thanks to the advantages of proper payment methods.

Casinos without KYC usually use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, and others.

Second, already mentioned, the casinos that have Zimpler or Trustly as a payment option. Both these banking ways use Bank ID technology that verifies players through his/her bank account. In this case, the casino instantly knows that a player is a real person who is over 18 or 21 years old. So the casino doesn’t need to check the person once again, as it was done by a bank at the moment the user opened an account.

That’s it. Just use one of these payment methods and you should be fine. However, no account casinos are available in Sweden, Finland, and Estonia right now, so if you’re from a different country, this option goes out of consideration immediately.

Read our in-depth cryptocurrency casinos guide to find what wallet to use, how to fund it, and how to make transactions!

What Should I Select?

It depends on your priorities and concerns. If you’re truly thinking deeply about your privacy, there is only one solution – use crypto! It’s never attached to your name, location, financial status, etc.

However, cryptos are not regulated in many jurisdictions and don’t fall under the umbrella of government protection. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are not refundable or disputable. It means, after the payment is sent, there is no way to cancel it. You cannot claim a dispute or call a bank. The transfer is final and not reversible.

It is wrongly considered that cryptocurrencies are anonymous. With the help of blockchain analysis tools, professionals can track crypto pretty well – from what exchange the funds came from, to what wallet what part of coins was transferred, and on what wallet funds settled. Sometimes, big balance wallets are even tagged and are publicly known to whom it belong.

If you are located in Sweden, Estonia, or Finland, using no-registration casinos and paying via Trustly is an awesome option. You don’t hand personal details to the casino, but at the same time, the casino is sure that the player already went through KYC at the bank. Also, a player doesn’t need to register at the casino.

Here are the best no registration casinos for players from Finland and Sweden:

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100% Up To โ‚ฌ200

A Few More Things You Must Know

Besides everything you’ve already read here, there are a few more things that you probably must know:

  1. Most of the time, KYC is only asked at the moment of cashing out and rarely happens at the moment of registering and depositing.
  2. Some countries don’t allow you to play without providing an ID.
  3. Even if the casino is no-KYC, it still can ask for extra verification if the finance team of a casino suspects that the funds are illegal.
  4. No KYC Casinos work flawlessly on mobile devices.
  5. Sometimes no KYC online casinos allow the use of VPNs, but that must be checked before playing on the terms page.

Final Word

No KYC casinos are awesome for the players who really worry about their privacy and security. Never handing in personal details is always a good idea. In the case of a leak, you can be sure that your address or passport will not appear on sold lists.

However, using cryptocurrencies has its risks like non-regulated payments, and no option to hold, cancel, or reverse the payment.

So our advice is to use only trusted, checked, and reviewed online casinos. Never play at the casinos about which you cannot find anything online. Check a few online resources and their opinions. If you are still not comfortable, you better select a different online casino. You don’t want to worry all the time.

Gladly, the CasinoChap team does all the work and only lists trusted and reputable No KYC Online Casinos here. To appear on this list, an online casino must correspond to many factors.


Disclaimer: gambling activity is available only for persons who are 18 or 21 years old (depending on the country). Failing to comply can end in losing all your funds. Also, breaking a law can result in fines and other judicial procedures.