Certain games are indeed easy to learn, but mastering the game itself can be quite challenging. This definition is ideal for the high or low card game. So, if you’ve been searching for an effortless and amusing card game to kill some time and earn cash, you’re on the right frequency.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all grabbed a quick round of high or low. Now, you have an opportunity to play this amusing card game for big winnings on the Internet. Though the classic version of the game can be enjoyed by several players simultaneously, the higher or lower card game online involves the player and the dealer only.

The web is filled with numerous versions of the game offered by thousands of online casinos. You’re probably baffled by the options available, and you have every right to be confused. That’s the instant when your pal CasinoChap can be of service.

As always, we did our job very carefully and selected the best variations of the game at top-rated online gambling platforms. Plus, we will guide you through the gameplay process and equip you with some useful gaming tips and strategies. Everything you need to know about the high or low card game is right here.

What Is Higher or Lower Card Game?

Tracing the origins of the higher or lower game is a daunting job since it only needs cards to be played. This means the game must have been around since the first deck of cards. The game is not so demanding in terms of actions. Thus, it is considered one of the first card games ever. To date, most online casinos have included this super-fun game into their wide assortments of table games.

The high-low game is played with a regular deck of 52 cards without the jokers. Some online variations are played with more than one 52-card decks. The game requires players to guess the value of the face-down card, so you mostly need the luck to win. On the plus side, the game provides progressive winning chances as the action continues until the player decides to cash out.

Hi Lo Card Game

Hi Lo Switch – Online Casino Card Game by Bgaming

High Low Card Game Rules Explained

Being utterly simple and with straightforward rules, the high low card game is ideal for players who dislike complexity. The first thing you must do is place an initial bet. The first dealt card is face-up. Then, you decide whether the random face-down card has a lower or higher value than the first one. If the guess is correct, you win.

Depending on the game in question, some secondary rules might apply. The odds can also be different at different machines and casinos. The general idea is that the lower the base card is, the larger the payout for betting on a lower card. The same applies to bet on high if the face-up card has a high value. In case of a tie, nobody wins, and everyone gets their bets back.

Here you can try playing Hi-Lo for free (Bgaming version).

Hand Rankings in The High Low Card Game

Card ranking is relatively easy and painless. The only thing you have to remember is that the values of the cards imply their rank on the scale. Cards from 2 to 7 have low value. Those labelled 8, 9, and 10 alongside the face cards are high-value cards. In essence, if the face-up card is 7, your chances of winning are 50%, so here it’s really up to intuition.

The Ace is considered a low and a high card throughout the entire game. This implies that the player always wins when an Ace is drawn regardless of the face-up card. Anyways, pay extra special attention as some casinos may rank the Ace as a low or high card only. Finally, Aces and Kings are not accepted as the first card because those are the extreme cards in the game.

The Ace can be a low or high card. Pay attention to this before playing!

High or Low Card Game Winning Odds and Payouts

To make things clear, you must be aware that no fixed payouts are involved. The payout rate always depends on the base card. So, if the base card is a 3 and you predict that the next card will be higher, the payout amount will be lower. If, for example, the base card is a 10, and you predict a higher card, the payout will undoubtedly be larger provided that the guess is correct.

The odds act contrary to the payout rate. Meaning, the higher the odds, the smaller the payout value if you predict right. For instance, if the base card is a Queen, the odds for a lower card are immense. Therefore the low payout rate is 1.1. Conversely, the high pay rate will amount to 10.7.

CardLow PaysHigh Pays

Higher or Lower Card Game RTP And House Edge

As with all casino games, the house always has a minor advantage. In this game, the house edge depends on the base card. It’s always displayed for the player to see it and know what’s at stake. Its value for a 5 and a 9 base card is 12.55% both for predicting low and high cards.

The highest house edge of 16.47% applies if the base card is a 10 and the player goes for the low option. The same applies if the base card is a 4, and the player goes for high. The house edge has a negative value for any card above a 2 and below a Queen. To be more precise, the player’s advantage is 0.78%.

The RTP or return to player is the percentage of the money bet that will be paid back in gains in the long run. The RTP percentage for the high or low card game is between 96% and 98% if taken by the book. This means the high-low card game is both highly rewarding and fun to play.

High Low Card Game Online

Punters who prefer to give this online game a try have several versions at disposal. Though the core concept of the hi lo game is practically the same, variations mostly differ in the design and some minor technicalities. The best thing is that most online casinos offer a free demo version of the game so that novices can get the hang of it.

The upside of betting online is that alongside higher lower bets, you have more options available. Also, you can easily play this simple game from the comfort of your home. It works on both desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Another benefit is that you can take your time and write down the numbers that came up. Though, most online casinos shuffle the decks before each session.

Chap has done a thorough research of the online gambling market and selected several approved casinos that offer the best hi-lo games online. Just choose any gambling platform from our list, and you can’t go wrong.

How To Play High Low Card Game At Online Casinos?

You’re familiar with the game concept now. So, let Chap prepare you further with a detailed guide on how to make the most of the hi-lo card game. If you follow our hints, payouts can become significant and worth your investments.

  1. Sign up at any online casino displayed on our recommendations list.
  2. Go the game lobby and select the desired game.
  3. Place a wager on the table to start playing.
  4. Wait for the first card to be dealt.
  5. Predict whether the next card will be higher or lower than the face-up card.
  6. The next card is revealed, and if your guess is correct, you win a payout. If not, you lose your stake.
  7. The result card becomes a base for the subsequent round.
  8. Go on until you make yourself a small fortune or cash out whenever you want.

Live Casino High Low Card Game

For those players that want to try themselves out against a real croupier instead of a machine, the live higher or lower card game is a perfect match. Live casinos engage professional and friendly dealers that operate the game from purpose-built TV studios or land-based casinos.

The feeling you get from playing in a live casino is captivating and immersive. The casino interior is designed to be a super replica of real brick-and-mortar casinos. The entire broadcasting equipment is high-tech and works seamlessly. Sounds are realistic, and the graphics are high-quality. Video cameras are available so that players can follow the situation at the table.

Top live gambling platforms have a live chat option if you want to talk to the dealer. Plus, you needn’t worry about scam live casinos when CasinoChap is around. Pick any of the live gaming operators that we’ve handpicked exclusively for our readers and may the odds be in your favor.

Differences Between the Online and Live Version of The Game

Though not much, the online and the live version of the hi-lo game differ. This is mostly related to the tempo of the game. In short, in online play, hands fly faster, and in live gambling, players take a more methodological approach.

The attitude of the players also changes, and they become more aggressive when playing live. It seems that actions pushes are more frequent in online betting. The sounds and reactions of real people make live play more authentic and inclusive.

Also, online games use an RNG to determine outcomes. Live casino games, however, have actual action unfolding in front of your eyes.

Play the Higher or Lower Card Game with A Strategy

Honestly speaking, the game doesn’t involve much strategy due to its simplicity. Bear in mind that making logical decisions must be your guiding blueprint. Experts in the game also suggest you take any cash out before starting a new round because you’ll lose your gain if the next guess is wrong.

The first game scheme that can improve your odds is card counting. This means you’ll have to remember how many low and high cards have been revealed in the game. If you manage to count or at least write the cards down, you’ll be able to play more strategically. Again, Chap wants to remind you that most casinos protect themselves from card counting by shuffling the decks before each session.

The second game plan is to base your decisions on safe options. Safe choices have lower payouts, whereas lower odds involve more considerable risks and payouts. In short, if the card is higher than 8, place a wager on a lower card and vice versa. Anyways, never take betting strategies for granted. They can come handy, but success is never 100% guaranteed.

Tips for Winning at Higher or Lower Card Game

The higher lower card game is indeed simple, yet winning is far away from easy. CasinoChap will share the most useful tips to help you boost your winning potential.

  • Take time to master the rules – Though easy to grasp, give the game rules some solid thought. Knowing your options at each segment of the game will raise your gains.
  • Make use of the free demo game – Don’t forget to get yourself familiar with the gameplay before playing with real money. Plus, you’ll improve your betting style without taking any monetary risks.
  • Claim any bonuses you’re offered and use them to play – This way you’ll get more time for playing and boost your chances of winning higher amounts. Don’t forget to ensure that your bonus supports this particular game!
  • Limit your spending – Make sure you set a strict budget frame and stick to it. Don’t get yourself carried away with several wins in a row.
  • Opt for the best online casinos – Not every online casino is worth your money and time. To make sure you are on the safe side, rely on our list of recommended online gambling sites.

Mobile Gameplay

The HTML5 technology of online casinos ensures you can enjoy the game at any location you want. Relish the game for hours even if you have to leave your desktop behind. Compatible for any handheld device such as smartphones and tablets, the interface is designed to match all mobile screens. The mobile casino layout is streamlined for touchscreen gameplay.

Reputable casinos make sure their users can play on the go. Their mobile platforms have an intuitive framework, are easy to navigate, and glitch-free. The high low card game is optimized for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. It can be played on the native casino website via your preferred web browser, or you can download the corresponding app.

High or Low Card Game Variations And Providers

There are several available options if the higher or lower game online is your thing. Top-rated software developers have taken great care to make impeccable variations of the game appealing both to novices and experienced players.

  • Playtech offers the best version of the high or low card game on the gambling market. To make it more entertaining, this software giant has introduced some other wagering options such as color, range, or a specific card. Below, there is a small window that gives information on all outcomes percentage. Details on color, suit, and card frequency are also provided, and the game is played with six decks of 52 cards. Live chat can be used by any player, too.
  • Betsoft has launched a version of the game known as Draw High Low. The concept is very similar to the classic game, and it can only be played online without the live dealer functionality. The table’s minimum bet is $1, and the maximum wager is $100.
  • Nucleus Gaming has a version titled Draw Hi Lo that incorporates simple graphics without live-streamed studio sessions. So, if you’re not a fan of live gameplay, this is a nice option to consider.
Draw High Low

Betsoft’s Draw High Low – Online Casino Game

Great Alternatives To The Game

The game has seen many variations in the gambling industry as a result of its simplicity. Chap has singled out the most impressive game variations online.

  • Microgaming’s Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold is played by adding the value of two dealt cards. The aim is to reach 21 and have a higher value than the dealer. Side bets on the combined value of the first two cards are optional.
  • bGaming offers an RNG version of the game under the name Hi Lo Switch. The idea here is to work with three face-up cards. Players must guess the next card for all three hands to win. It’s just like higher or lower but with a nice twist.

Where to Play Higher or Lower Card Game?

Keen gamblers needn’t worry since CasinoChap has done comprehensive research to find the best casinos with the high low game. We have taken into account many relevant aspects, such as bonuses, licensing, software developers, and banking methods.

Our valued recommendation is given only to renowned, licensed casinos with solid security and player protection standards. Game selection and the diversity of the overall game portfolio is high on our assessment list, too. Just pick any gambling site with the hi-lo casino game from our list, and you’re ready for action.