How Casino Rating Is Made?

There are hundreds, even thousands of online casino titles around. Looking at all these terms, offers, bonuses, games, and tons of other information can drive crazy almost anyone. Fortunately, there is a review site such as that gathers, checks, and sums up all the details. Our team seeks to provide the best possible experience to select and find an online casino that fits all user’s needs and expectations. As a result, we give a rating for every casino our team reviews.

However, it might be unclear how is it made. Let’s explain every single aspect of the ratings you see on the site. We still do not reveal some other parts where gambling places receive an exact score, but we can assure you that it cannot be purchased. Chap shows only a final outcome. You will find a full explanation of why in the FAQ below.

Rating Factors

We divide every review into 5 categories. All of them cover different subjects. Each of them has a size of importance. All of them are significant to our rating. Let us review them one by one.

#1 – License

Importance: 20%.

LicenseThe most important factor! team reviews only online casinos that have a license from at least one authority. There are a lot of them though, mainly casinos have one from Malta, Curacao, or the United Kingdom. You can find a full list of authorities here. Also, the more licenses the casino has the better score it gets.

That’s not all though. Even these authorities have different levels of trust and reputation. For example, Curacao isn’t the most trusted institution for gamblers. That is why Chap gives a lower score for online casinos with such a license. While Malta Gaming Authority or the UKGC are much more strict resulting in better scores.

Note: since the beginning of 2023, we can give a good score for the casino with a Curacao license or no license at all if the casino meets the following but not limited to criteria:

  • The casino is rated with the best scores on other online casino resources;
  • Our team was unable to find bad reviews;
  • The casino uses only trusted and high-quality payment options;
  • The casino is anonymous, does not have KYC and allows using VPNs.

#2 – Selection of games

Importance: 20%.

GamesThat’s a second point not less important. Since it’s connected to games and the final gambling experience, it’s crucial that the online casino has a great selection of games. But that does not sum up everything here. What providers the casino uses are also highly valuable for us.

In general, Chap counts how many games from the different providers the gambling venue has. You can find all the providers on this page.

Furthermore, casinos with live casino features get some extra points. As well as the brands with scratch cards, jackpots, and other additional games.

#3 – Bonuses and Promotions

Importance: 10%.

BonusesEvery new player hunts for better deals. That’s totally normal and understandable. Chap loves bonuses too. However, they come in so many different forms and with various terms. It is crucial to evaluate how good that bonus is. Big wagering bonuses might get a lower score. However, the casinos that provide our users with exclusive promotions can score extra points.

#4 – Payment Options and Processing

Importance: 20%.

PaymentsWhen things turn to money, it is a serious topic that requires additional attention. The casino must provide as many different payment options as possible. Every customer must have a right to go with his favorite payment method. The better selection is the better score casino gets. Crypto casinos get an extra score as well.

Furthermore, we check how fast the casino processes payments, how big withdrawal limits are, and what the minimum withdrawal amount is.

#5 – User Experience

Importance: 30%.

User ExperienceThis section is divided into 4 parts. However, they are not all equal. Support and security are the most important here and make the most score in this section. The rest part is made of the remaining criteria.


SupportThis is a third section to which we provide a lot of attention. The better support an online casino has, the better the score it gets. That includes live chat, phone support, response time, and support opening hours. Email support, a contact form, or/and an FAQ section do not make the score better as it is a must.


SecurityMainly, we check if the casino has an active SSL certificate. We never saw an online casino without that, so it allows the gambling title to earn some points easily.

On the other hand, we might give a lower score to the casinos that use free SSL certificates.


WebsiteWe give attention to the website and how easy to use it is. Old and outdated websites get a lower rating, while fast and convenient pages are awarded a better score. Also, an online casino can earn an additional point for having a great environment for browsing through games.

Furthermore, multilingual websites are subject to the extra point.

Mobile Version and App

MobileWe highly disvalue the casinos that do not have a nicely working mobile version. However, this is a rare situation in that the casino has a bad mobile version.

While we do not worse ratings of the casinos without mobile applications, we might award them with some extra points for that. It is a nice feature to have!

The casinos that were closed are down-scored to zero!

Why does not collect ratings from visitors?

The main reason is pretty simple – to avoid manipulations of competitors and personal players’ experiences. Gambling and online casinos are very competitive markets. Other online casinos might rate their competitors with 1 star many times making the brand look terrible.

The same applies to users who experienced losses, disagreements with the casino team, incorrect understanding, or wrong interpretation of terms and conditions. The personal experience may be different for every player, however, it does not change the fact that the casino might have a great supply of games or a rich selection of payment methods.

Why we do not separate the points?

Casino Chap does not show how many points each casino got in every category. We do that because of several reasons.

Firstly, online casinos usually accept players from more than a few countries. They all have different payment options and games. Some payment options may not work in one country, while it’s super popular in another. The same applies to the games. Some iGaming providers block some regions or countries due to regulations. The best example is Pay N Play casinos. At the moment, they work in 3 countries only (Finland, Sweden, and Estonia). These casinos have a full range of games, hold licenses from the most reputable authorities, etc. However, they cannot operate in other countries. The rating is relevant only for the players from mentioned countries. Moreover, the payment options at such casinos are also limited to Trustly, Brite, or Zimpler. That’s more than enough to give a good score due to the circumstances.

Secondly, our opinion may not correspond to the visitor mostly because of personal experience. Some players have their beloved payment options, while others may hate them. We give a good score for the casinos that accept Skrill, Neteller, Visa, etc. while some users prefer their local payment method. That applies to all the categories that we use to evaluate the casino. The more payment options are available, the better score we can give.

Third, sometimes we get extra promotions exclusively for the visitors of While other review sites don’t. In that case, we may evaluate the casino better. On the other hand, it is not relevant for the players that cannot use the bonus due to country restrictions.

In all cases, the rating should fluctuate, however, we follow the numbers and we make 1 solid rating for each brand. We do not show a different rating for each country, however.

Can the rating be changed?

Yes, of course. Online casinos constantly add more payment options, and games, and acquire new licenses. When we get information about the change, the rating might be improved. However, we do not do that on a daily basis.

Unethical & Unfair Practices

Paragraph added on July 2020.

After long considerations on how we should treat online casinos that apply unfair and unethical practices (including unlawful actions), we have decided to lower the score despite the huge number of games the casino offers. Also, doesn’t matter if the casino has more than 1 license from various regulators or if the casino provides a lot of payment methods, still, we have a right to lower the score to the minimum to protect our visitors from losing their money.

Also, we have implemented the badge “Avoid” which recommends you stay away from the reviewed casino. We hope this improvement will protect our visitors from shady and dishonest online casinos.

Final Word

We hope that our answers just made everything clearer. Our team thinks that transparency and sincerity are the most important things for the information we provide. Especially, in a niche like this.

We always improve our system of ratings as we get better at knowing and evaluating casinos with every new name. If you still have questions or ideas on how we could improve our ratings, please feel free to contact us using the contact form.