Are you ready to reach the blue skies thanks to the fantastic Aviator casino game? Offering an experience like no other, this game has already caught the eye of many online casino players. Aviator by Spribe entered the industry back in February 2019, and it already is a fan-favorite pick.

Yonibet Aviator Weekends

It has features that most casino games don’t have. These include interacting with other players via chat, seeing other players’ placed bets and winnings, and distinctive gameplay. Being relatively fresh, Aviator topped many charts right away and has established itself as one of the most popular games. If you’re a social butterfly, Aviator is a great place to make friends while you’re enjoying your favorite hobby.

Check Aviator casino game tricks below!

Who knows, maybe you’ll see your CasinoChap playing alongside you, as well. He sure fell in love with the game right away!

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100% Up To €500

Spribe Aviator FAQ

What Aviator casino hacks are?
Aviator has no hacks. However, players can always apply different Aviator strategies or tricks to improve the final outcome. Spribe Aviator is very friendly for creating strategies.
How to win the Spribe Aviator casino game?
Players are recommended to create their own Aviator strategy. Understand the game, manage your bankroll properly, don't get too greedy, and don't try to win it back quickly.
Is there Aviator DEMO?
Yes, you will find the Aviator game DEMO free on this page.
Does Spribe Aviator predictor exist?
No, there is no such a thing as Spribe Aviator predictor. The game is created by a credible iGaming company that follows the best gambling practices. Leaving the holes in the game is against the rules and terms of regulators.
How to play Spribe Aviator?
You will find a video How to play Spribe Aviator here on this page.

What Is Aviator Online Casino Game?

Aviator game online isn’t like any of the other typical casino games. It’s a unique game that decides your betting outcome differently. Instead of slot symbols and paylines, this game has an airplane that flies away at a random increasing coefficient. The coefficient ranges from 1.00x to 1,000,000.00x. Meaning, that the game has great winning potential!

Looking at the RTP for this mini-game, it has a reasonably good money return of 97%. This means that depending on the wagering amount, the expected long-term return is 97% of that sum. With such an RTP, Aviator easily beats a plethora of popular online slot machines whose returns are much lower.

It’s necessary to mention that it is Provably Fair. This technology means that the result is 100% fair and that third-party applications can’t interfere with the system. You can check this for yourself by clicking on any previous coefficient on top of the page.

Aviator Casino Game

How To Play Aviator At Online Casinos?

Even though the Aviator casino game introduces a different way of playing, it’s straightforward to understand. All you need to do is head to a casino that has this game on its menu. Chap has an excellent selection of those, of course. So, feel free to pick one of our recommendations.

Then, you need to place a bet or even two within the given period of time. This lasts for about 10 seconds, so you need to be fast. After the round starts, a plane will take off, increasing the coefficient to a point when it flies away. If you cash out before the plane soars away, you win money equivalent to the coefficient. If you fail to grab your winnings before the plane flies away, you lose your bet. That’s it!

Also, there is an option for auto betting, which saves your previous wager and bets automatically for you. A yellow button ‘How to play’ presents to you in detail what certain things do and how the game functions. In case you’re still wondering about something, there is a video tutorial too.

Aviator Game Tricks

Due to the simplicity of this game, we do not have a lot of Aviator casino game tips here. However, we have some at least. Let’s talk about them now.

  • Create your strategy and stay with it – never play against yourself. If you have a plan, go with it.
  • Keep the proper bankroll management – always have your plan on how much you are going to bet. Also, how much you can lose per session. Don’t try to win it back by increasing your bet without a plan.
  • Never try to catch a huge multiplier a few times in a row. The chances of success are very low.
  • Always make pauses! Don’t get tired as you are going to make stupid mistakes.

We hope these Aviator casino game tricks were useful and will help you to win.

Top Features Of Aviator?

Aviator game online has many distinctive features, which make them stand out. These improve the playing experience significantly. When your favorite CasinoChap was testing this game out, its features left him amazed. Here are some of the most exciting ones:

  • In-game chat – The in-game chat is a place to chit-chat, make friends, or see the chat log. The chat log shows the player that wins the most cash each round, placed bets, coefficients, and winnings. If you choose to talk to other players, there’s an emoji pack and an option to send GIFs too.
  • Live bets – Are you interested in doing a quick lobby check? The bar on the left shows how much other players have wagered, their coefficients, and their winnings. This is an outstanding feature as you can gather information on other players and use them to your advantage.
  • Live statistics – On the same left bar, you can filter between all bets, your bets, or top bets. All bets show everyone’s wagers and winnings, including your own. Your bets show your initial wager, with the date and amount, coefficient, and winnings. Under the top section, you can find statistics about daily, monthly, or annual winnings and coefficients.
  • Free bets – If you’re looking to try the Aviator casino game out or just want to have fun, you can bet for free, too. This option allows you to enjoy the game just like you would with cash. This way, you can learn the basics of the game without risking your money. It has no limits, so you can play until you get a hold of it.
  • Rain promo – While chatting with others, you can claim free bets from other players just by clicking on the ‘Claim’ button. Furthermore, a player can make it ‘rain’ in the chat by entering an amount and selecting a number of drops. Rain promo is undoubtedly the most distinctive feature of Aviator as it lets you share the joy!

Aviarace Tournaments

Aviarace tournaments are another great way of earning additional prizes and cash. Aviator has its own set of exciting tournaments that everyone can participate in. Winning grants you bonus points, and at the end of the race, the top players get extra rewards. Such extra prizes include cash, free bets, and special perks.

Why Play Aviator Casino Game?

Your Chap here was impressed by the many new features Aviator has! When playing this game, you feel like you’re having the time of your life while still earning cash. An even more fun experience for its users, the chat is a great place to talk to other people. It gives you the socializing aspect of casino gambling. Plus, it’s not only suitable for making friends, but you can also ask for advice on how to win more. Everything is given, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a game as jaw-dropping as this one. The game also has a high RTP of 97%, which means that it’s a pretty rewarding pick.

Where To Play Aviator?

At the moment, we have a few online casinos that offer to play the Aviator casino game. It also provides a 200% deposit bonus. It’s very generous. Give it a try!

Welcome Bonus
100% Up To €500
Welcome Bonus
200% Up To €200 + 100 Free Spins

Can I Play Aviator Online Casino Game On Mobile Devices?

Perfectly optimized for every device, Aviator is available on smartphones, tablets, Android, iOS, and Windows devices. If you’re one that travels a lot, the mobile version of Aviator is your perfect companion. It is perfectly safe, and you get the same quality gaming experience. You won’t need to download any apps to play it as Aviator is available in browser mode.

Can I Use Casino Bonus On Aviator By Spribe?

This depends on the casino bonus and its rules. Aviator by Spribe is a game with high returns, and most gambling operators exclude it from promos. There are occasional exclusive casino bonuses for this specific game. Anyway, Chap advises you to always check the list of eligible games before using bonus funds on Aviator.

How To Win On Aviator Game Online?

Being a relatively new game, Aviator lacks some proven winning strategies. There are a low number of Aviator casino game tricks and tips.

However, most players who have had great results so far agree that you need two bets to win. You need the stakes to be 2:1. For example, place one bet of $10 and another of $20.

The larger bet has the goal to cover the smaller one, while the smaller one is meant to make a profit. So, as soon as the coefficient hits 1.50x, you should cash out the larger bet. In this case, you should cash out the $20 bet and get back $30 or as much as you initially wagered. This gives you the freedom to try and earn as much as possible with the second bet of $10. Let’s say you manage to cash out when the coefficient reaches 5x, and you get $50. Your overall profit will be $40.

Don’t forget that strategies are just ideas and don’t guarantee that you will win. After all, all outcomes are entirely random. Also, you can use the statistics to come up with your own playing strategies.

Spribe Aviator Demo

You can find the Spribe Aviator demo on this page. By playing the demo version, you do not play using real money, it’s just for fun. This is a great way to try the game and understand how it works. Also, it’s a great way to find Aviator casino game tricks and tips, and test them out, also it allows you to try the strategy you should have created.

The Takeaway

Our Chap team tested out this game and came back with many positive remarks. It’s straightforward to use, has its own unique features, and it’s provably fair. If you’re here for the cons, this game literally hasn’t got anything negative worth mentioning. It has been a showstopper in the iGaming industry ever since it launched in 2019. Let’s not forget that the desktop and mobile designs both are outstanding and easy to navigate. So, Chap strongly recommends you give this game a try and see how amazing it is for yourself!