Aviatrixย – a new title in the crash casino games category. You probably already have played Aviator by Spribe –ย  a simple crash-type casino game. Its popularity of it surprised many, and our team was one of the first who wrote about this new concept of casino games. And we loved the game due to its simple gameplay and rules. Also, it was always entertaining and quick to play.

But this time Chap’s team wants to present Aviatrix, the casino game with NFT. It’s quite similar to Aviator, however, has a few key differences. So in this article, we’re going to find out how it’s different and why cryptocurrency fans should be pretty interested in this one.

Aviatrix NFT Casino Game

Aviatrix NFT Casinos

At the moment, there aren’t many online casinos that offer playing Aviatrix, but our team has a few:

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NFT Aviatrix – What Is It?

Aviatrix Casino Game PlaneIt’s a crash-type casino game where a plane flies up by making the player’s bet multiply, however, it can crash anytime so the gambler must make a cashout before the disaster happens. The number of how high the plane will fly is randomly generated so the pilot should trust his guts and get out at the right time.

Sounds quite simple? Yes, it is.

But why NFT Aviatrix is so different? The plane is an NFT (if you’ve never heard this term before, read an article made by NFT Now which covers all the key facts about this new internet trend). Each plane is stored on a blockchain and it’s totally unique.

The plane can be moved from one casino to another, so the player always flies with the same lucky machine. Moreover, the creators of this game put a lot of effort to make the transaction process easy and smooth, even for players that are not familiar with crypto, blockchain, and NFT technologies.

Also, gamblers can change the colors and body parts of a plane, so every player has a different-looking sky bird. And of course, users can unlock new better looking planes.

Aviatrix NFT Customization

Aviatrix NFT Customization

Aviatrix Game Loyalty Program

One more thing about this game – it has an awesome loyalty program for NFT holders. Owners of Aviatrix planes are distributed with game rewards.

The players who make many flights can get daily cashback, in-game credits, and other rewards depending on the casino.

Aviatrix Demo

If you want to test a game without registering at any online casino and not using real money, check an official Aviatrix page where a free Demo can be played – Aviatrix NFT Demo page.


More Facts About The Game

Aviatrix Casino Game FeaturesThe game is developed by a company called the same as a game – Aviatrix, led by CEO Vladislav Artemyev. The company is still very young as it was established in 2021 October.

It won the Binance Smart Chain hackathon not so long ago, which is quite a big achievement knowing how big and advanced Binance and its tech are.ย  That’s quite an appreciation. Plus, Aviatrix has won a unique selling point award at Sigma Balkans & CIS.

Lastly, the game is Provably Fair. It guarantees that all outcomes are recorded and verified as fair and legit. The players can check and verify the seed just in a game menu.

Final Word

It’s an interesting new approach to online gambling connecting two spheres, including NFTs. The game dynamics are truly simple and easy to understand for everyone. Players who already tried crash games know it well. So Aviatrix has it all – easiness, fun, simplicity, and in general a great gambling experience.

On the other hand, the game is not available at most of the casinos, but the list expands and Chap is always scanning which casino has added Aviatrix to its supply of games. Be sure, we keep you updated!

Who knows, maybe this new concept will find huge success and gamblers will be able to collect, transfer, sell, and buy in-game assets. This is already widely available for regular gaming, in-game elements are stored in a blockchain in a form of NFT. It operates as proof of ownership. Players can transfer things such as weapons, resources, ships, cars, etc., stake them, use them in a game, and more. So Aviatrix NFT is one of the pioneers and we hope it’s for the best of the iGaming industry.