Live Crash Casino Game

Live Crash is one of the most popular new casino games, at least for those who prefer simple gameplay. The game is immersive, and the rules are simple so that even total newbies can get started without any difficulties. Although it’s always good to have some form of strategy, the Live Crash casino game is a game of intuition. As we said, it’s pretty straightforward but requires your full attention, of course, if you play with the intention to get a good payout.

The game was created by in cooperation with OneTouch.

Maybe you already know everything about the game, and perhaps you’ve never heard of it. Suppose you belong to the latter, no worries. CasinoChap’s detailed review provides all the information you need to know before playing Live Crash.

Where to play Live Crash?

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Design and Theme

When you first open the Live Crash casino game, you will notice the dark background and the website’s simple design. The betting options and multipliers take up most of the space, and they’re located on the right side of the homepage. You can see your balance, the amount you have won, and the total amount you have wagered in the game at the very top of the page. There is a menu that contains relevant information about the game rules and history in the top-right corner. Chap always finds these features useful for players, so no complaints whatsoever here.

You will notice that the Live Crash game is designed, so all players can easily understand it. The live chat in the top-left corner is beneficial and convenient because it makes for the social aspect. It also helps newbies get started as they can easily talk to other players and learn from them, but, we will talk about it in a moment. You should also know that the game is mobile responsive and works flawlessly on all mobile devices. Therefore, it’s a fantastic choice for those who prefer to play on the move.

How To Play Live Crash

The Live Crash casino game is relatively simple, and all you have to do is learn the rules before you dive in. Like with every other casino game, you must place your bet first. Beware because there is not much time between games. After each crash, a new round starts almost immediately, so you must be quick when placing wagers.

Once you place your bet and select a multiplier, it will increase at a rapid pace. The multiplier can crash at any time during the game, so, you must use your intuition and think fast. If you press the “Cashout” button before the multiplier crashes, you will rake in a good payout. In this regard, the game is similar to Spribe’s Aviator.

Here’s an example that will explain the whole Live Crash game in more detail. If you bet 0.01BTC and decide to cash out at a 5x multiplier, you will get a fantastic reward of 0.05BTC. But that’s not all. Sometimes, the multiplier can go much higher than that, say 500x, and in that case, you could get an incredible payout of 500x your bet. Of course, there are a lot of risks. A crash can occur at any moment, even immediately after the launch. Still, if you’re patient and cash out on time, you could pocket unbelievable sums of money.

Crash Crypto Casino

Many people love playing Crash type casino games using various cryptocurrencies. That makes the whole process even simpler. During the last couple of years, cryptocurrency casinos exploded due to their speed, privacy, and innovations. A combination of crash games and crypto casinos makes sense. Simple deposits plus a simple game equals a great gambling experience.

In Chap’s opinion, here are the top crash crypto casinos:

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Moreover, casinos such as Roobet allows playing crash game freely. It’s a nice way to test the games and their dynamics. It’s always highly recommended to test the game at the free play version in the first place. Then move to play with real money.

Game Info

Live Crash casino game comes with an attractive theoretical RTP rate of 96%. The expected money return to the 24-hour period when we played was 100.2%, and for the past 7 days, it was 98.96%. The monthly payout rate for Live Crash was 97.77%. This figure beats many other similar games with lower RTP rates. Chap loved the feature that lets users see all statistics related to the game’s RTP.

When it comes to wagering limits, the minimum amount you can play with is 0.05 mBTC or a currency equivalent. The maximum bet you can place cannot be more than 10.00 mBTC or an equivalent sum of money in a different currency. The maximum you can win in the game is โ‚ฌ1,000,000 or the equivalent if you’re using another currency.

Live Crash Game Review

Game Features

The Live Crash game allows players to play for fun before making any deposits. This is very convenient, especially for newbies with no prior experience. If you want to get used to the game before playing with real cash, you can start playing for fun. That way, you will learn the rules and grab hold of the game without risking your own funds.

Theater Mode

You can play the game across devices, and it’s available in theater mode, too, which makes for a more enjoyable experience. If you choose theater mode, the screen will expand, and you’ll be able to focus entirely on the action.

Live Chat and Leaderboard

Another cool feature in the Live Crash casino game is the live chat. The live chat allows players to socialize and communicate with each other during the game. Besides interacting and making friends, players can also ask for advice or two on how to play smarter and win more. Furthermore, you can always see the number of players who play the game, as there is a player tracker on the screen and the crash history. OneTouch has integrated a sophisticated leaderboard into the game’s software. This means, you are always informed about the game’s leading players, their wins, and the highest scores.

Live Dealer Mode During Happy Hour

Speaking of cool features, the Live Crash game offers players even more excitement by providing a Happy Hour every single day between 12:00 and 14:00 GMT. Within that timeframe, a live dealer will show up in the center of the screen, and you can communicate with them while playing. In the duration of these two hours, players can experience a whole different engagement level and a more authentic casino experience. The gameplay and the rules are all the same. You just get to enjoy the action with a game host.

Who Stands Behind Live Crash

OneTouch is an internationally renowned supplier of many premium quality slots, tables, and live dealer games. It first started operating in 2015, and today it’s present in regulated markets worldwide. The studio merges single-touch interactivity with the innovative mobile-first approach when it comes to design. That way, the brand delivers a superior gaming experience for all players across devices. Naturally, the Live Crash casino game is one of OneTouch’s best releases and Chap’s personal favorite.