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A popular crypto casino Rollbit is cooking something special for real Runescape fans. Have you ever heard about this game? No!? Well, in short, that was one of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) created in 2001. It was created and developed by Jagex. The company is based in the United Kingdom, Cambridge. It’s not a surprise that the geniuses there were able to make the legendary game.

If you ever had played this game, there was a feature called DUEL ARENA (which was later abolished) where players were fighting one against another. Also known as PvP (player versus player). There were a couple of ways to fight – a friendly duel and a staked one. If the staked option was choosen, the players had to put something like on a bet. The winner takes it all. The size of a stake was purely based on an agreement.

But now let’s talk about Rollbit Duel Arena itself and what’s planned or what we know at the moment.

How Rollbit Duel Arena Works?

The idea is very simple and easy to understand. It does not require any specific knowledge. You do not have to learn some complicated rules. Also, you do not need to have a fighter.

Then the user has to go into the Duel Arena and select his fighter. And, of course, to find a rival. There are always some Duel rooms created by other players, or a user can create Duel himself. Also, you can only watch other fights, see the stats of previous duels, and check the leaderboard. All fights are fair and can be verified.

Rollbit Duel Arena Dashboard

To start a fight, both players must agree on the stakes. They can put NFTs or money into the vault. If both sides agree that they are fine with what the rival player offers, they can start a fight.

Rollbit Duel Arena Fight

When the battlers are brought into the arena, they can see all other duels happening near them. So it reminds old gladiator fights. Over each head of a fighter, there is a health bar that shows how many hit points (also known as HP) are left. Once it runs out, the gladiator dies, meaning the fight is lost. Moreover, the player’s nickname is visible over the HP bar as well. Just in case you want to challenge the brawler who trash-talked to you in the chat below.

And yes, how without the live chat where players can discuss the duel. This is a must. The whole user interface is very easy to understand and use, everything is always visible.

Rollbit Duel Arena Duel

The fight itself does not require any specific actions from the master. Just get into the arena and everything is decided entirely luck-based with participants having a 50% chance of winning their fight. That, of course, isn’t the most tempting thing, but as the Rollbit team explains, by gives the players an edge in finding a way to master and trick the game. It would not be fair for many other players who cannot spend hundreds of hours gaining experience and making the warrior super strong. In this way, it eliminates any attempts to manipulate this game.

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Other Facts About The Game

Here are some other details about Rollbit Duel Arena that are worth to know:

  • Rollbit claims that Duel Arena is going to be the first 0% edge PvP game
  • The players do not need to use some kind of map and collect stuff like in Runescape
  • Rollbit will take zero commissions and all duels will be provably fair with the hash derived from a future Ethereum block

The Gallery of Rollbit Duel Arena

Final Word

The game is fun and entertaining and brings us back to the good old times. We love the simplicity and that you don’t have to learn game dynamics. It’s like Crash games, nothing overcomplicated. Just turn on the game, and enjoy the thrilling action.

However, we would love to see at least some features that would increase our chances of winning, something like experience that increases over the history of fights or some kind of upgrades. On the other hand, it would increase the chances of winning for richer players, but that would remind real Runescape vibes more. Of course, that’s only our two cents.