Spribe is a refreshment in the iGaming industry that has released many unique and modern games. Some people call them smart games because they’re a lot more refined than your typical casino games. It currently has 13 turbo games. These include its signature games and new takes on old classics. Additionally, you can find poker and other skill games at casinos operating with Spribe as well.

All the fantastic Spribe games target the newer generation of gamblers, who like to take that extra step and engage in new ventures. They’re available on all devices and come with smooth gameplay and an easy-to-use user interface. The company is currently working on a new set of games that fall under the slots category. There are no further details on that, though. Keep on reading to find out a thing or two about Spribe, its engagement tools, games, and more.

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About Spribe

Spribe is a company with headquarters in Kyiv the primary line of business is Gambling software development. Besides that, it deals with software engineering and product design. It opened its doors in August 2018, and in January 2019, it released the prominent game Aviator. Ever since the company has developed many other games and even participated at ICE London 2020.

Its main goal is to be up to date with the newest technologies and put them to fair use. Also, the Spribe team consists of professionals in the iGaming development and casino management niche. Thus, the brand provides ideal solutions for the industry’s latest trends. Acquiring UK & Malta licenses is the company’s next aim for 2020, as stated on its website. And as of recently, it has partnered with Salsa Technology to bring an even more fantastic gambling experience to its players.

Engagement Tool

This brand takes its customers very seriously and tries to deliver the best-performing Spribe mini-games. Besides the exceptional gameplay, it brings a few engagement tools to boost the player’s experience. It offers tournaments, races, promotions, chat, and free betting and bets. Moreover, you can try all the games out with the free bet option and see if you enjoy the gameplay.

For Aviator, there’s a special series of events called Aviator Aviarace. Every time you win, you get bonus points, and at the end of the race, the top winners get additional prizes.

The chat is used for communication between the players, displaying winnings and bets, and you can also share played rounds. This is an excellent tool for socializing since you can compete with somebody.

At random times, you can find yourself clicking on a Claim button when betting on Spribe games. This is the so-called Rain Promo Feature that appears randomly and gives players free bets. Furthermore, any player can activate this feature by entering an amount and selecting a number of drops.

Discover The Amazing Spribe Turbo Games

At the time of this writing, Spribe had a game menu of 13 turbo games. These picks target Generation Y players as they represent a mix of new features and traditional games. Each of the titles comes with a unique twist and promises impressive gameplay. Below, we’ll introduce you to all of them.


Spribe Aviator is probably the best-known game by this provider. It has a mind-blowing and yet simple gameplay that keeps you mesmerized for hours. Aviator is a social multiplayer game whose action is based on a curve multiplier. It uses a provably fair technology to guarantee 100% safe and fair results.

So, what’s the point of this Spribe mini-game? Well, there’s a charming little plane that is taking off. The game lasts as long as the taking is happening. Once the plane flies away, the game ends. The trick is, your initial bet is multiplied until the moment of flying away. You can cash out at any moment, but you can also be a second too late and lose your bet.

Besides offering a fun and light iGaming experience, Aviator is also immensely rewarding and exciting. If you want to discover all about this fantastic game and its features, we have an in-depth review of the Aviator game.


If you want light and fun gameplay where your actions have consequences, go for Spribe Miner. This game has a simple 5×5 layout and 15 fields. Four of those fields hide mines, while the others have stars. You play by randomly opening any field of your choice. You can open as many fields as you want and cash out at any point. Again, Spribe is giving you all the freedom to decide your fate.

Every star you open multiplies your win. In contrast, if you open a mine, you lose everything. So, in this game, you progressively increase your prize but also the risk you’re taking. There are no rules or strategies. Everything is random and depends on what you do next.

If you want to increase the adrenaline, you can change the number of mines. The game supports anything between 1 and 15 mines. More risk gets you higher payouts.

Spribe Mines

Spribe Dice

Spribe Dice is another provably fair game from the provider’s menu and has a high 97% RTP. It supports desktop, tablet, and mobile play. This simple game gives you full control of the payouts and risks you’re willing to take. The payouts range from 1.10 to a massive 970. Depending on what you choose, your winning chances vary, as well.

As for the gameplay and design, both are unique and attractive. The playing screen follows the simple pattern of all other Spribe games. There’s a mini-screen with oval lines, which represent the roll value. This value can go from 0 to 100. By choosing the payout, you guess whether the roll will be over or under a specific value. For instance, the highest 970 payout lets you bet that the roll will be under 0.10 or 99.89. To roll, just click on one of these options and see the instant outcome.


Mini Roulette

Every fan of table games is surely familiar with roulette. Have you ever heard of mini roulette, though? Well, that’s what you do when you play Spribe Mini Roulette, a charming mini-game. This title comes equipped with a mini roulette wheel that features numbers from 1 to 12 and no zero fields. The game offers standard roulette bets like singles, couples, and baskets. Of course, you can bet on black, red, even, odd, high, and low numbers, too.

The payouts vary depending on your placed bets. The lowest payout of 1.94 is for the bets that cover the most options. The highest payout of 11.64 is reserved for betting on single numbers. Mini Roulette by Spribe accepts wagers as low as $0.01 and up to $50.

Spribe Mini Roulette


Spribe mini-games are the best way to boost your adrenaline, and HiLo belongs right in this category. This is one of the simplest games, really, as the player guesses what card is coming up next. As the name Spribe HiLo suggests, you are guessing whether the next card is higher or lower than the active one. For example, if the active card is 7, and you guess that the next one is higher, you need at least 8 to win.

The gameplay is taken to the next level by introducing the ‘high or same’ and ‘low or same’ buttons that give you better winning chances. Moreover, there are three drawn cards, and you get to pick which one is revealed. So, once again, your actions directly impact the outcome despite everything being completely random.



Spribe Plinko is one of the most amazing games you will find at online casinos these days. The game has unique gameplay, which includes three colors, three payout tables, and three differently colored balls. What’s the deal with all of this, you may wonder. Well, there’s like a pyramid shape with pegs that block and affect the ball’s fall.

So, the player chooses one of the three colors โ€“ green, yellow, and red. Depending on what you choose, the ball will be the same color, and the payout table of that color will apply. The payouts drastically vary, with the red ones being the lowest and highest ones. There, you can win 353 times your bet or nothing. If you pick red, a red ball will fall, and the payout table’s red row applies to your stake.

Spribe Plinko


If football is your thing, then Spribe Goal is a game you must try. This pick is similar to Aviator and Mines regarding the payouts. It gives you full freedom to cash out your winnings whenever you want. Taking it a step further, however, ensures high payouts. The winnings generally range between 1.21x and x9.03 your initial bet.

But what’s the point of the game? Well, the playing screen is a football field that can be small, medium, or big. The layouts of the field are 4×3, 7×4, or 10×5. When you hit the ‘Bet’ button, the leftmost row activates, and you pick one field. If there’s no mine on it, a football will appear. The goal is to get the football to the rightmost row. Yet, you can give up at any second and collect your current winnings. Spribe Goal is really worth trying.

Spribe Goal

Spribe Keno

Spribe Keno is the provider’s take on the popular instant win game. Players get to choose up to 10 numbers out of 36 numbers in total. The payout depends on how many numbers from your chosen ones match the game’s drawn numbers. Generally, you can expect anything between 0 to 100x in your bet. You can pick the numbers yourself or let the system do it randomly. Among the many fantastic features of the game, users can claim free bets, check out the bet history, or check whether the title is really fair.



Spribe HotLine is a game originating from the rising esports industry. The game provides fast-paced and engaging action. It’s highly customizable and offers the highest payout of an impressive 600x the initial bet. Needless to say, HotLine is provably fair and optimized for mobile play. The point of the game is to guess the next color in the line. There are red, black, and fire slots. The number of red and black slots is identical, and hence their payouts are 4.16x the bet. There are much fewer hot fire symbols. So, hitting one of those will earn you 600x your wager.

Spribe Hotline


Do you simply love scratch cards? The feeling of excitement runs into your veins while you scratch fields to reveal a juicy prize. Well, make sure to try Spribe Scratch. The game supports various bet amounts as well as auto-play. Players can scratch the fields they want to reveal themselves. Alternatively, they can simply select them, and the system will reveal them immediately. The playing grid is 3×4, and there are 3 different symbols โ€“ sevens, clovers, and horseshoes. Depending on what matching symbols and if any you reveal, you can hit a nice amount of cash.

Spribe Scratch

Fortune Wheel

One spin of the Spribe Fortune Wheel can get you massive winnings of 100x your initial bet. Being the king of simple yet thrilling games, Spribe hit the jackpot with its Fortune Wheel, which is basically a wheel of fortune type of game. This title boasts a sleek design and a purple/red theme. The main aspect is the wheel that includes various slots, each hiding something interesting for you. Naturally, you may win nothing, lose your bet, or boost your initial wager. If you want to reach the highest payouts, Spribe lets you switch to the high-risk mode. Like all other games by the provider, this one’s provably fair and provides random outcomes every single time.

Fortune Wheel

Black Jack

Do you love playing blackjack and testing your card game skills? If so, Spribe Black Jack is the right game for you. Just like all other Spribe games, this pick has an RPT of 97%, and it’s provably fair. You can partake in exciting tournaments and try to beat everyone. As for the gameplay, it really is the standard blackjack action. Players can split, double, hit, and stand. There’s a nice blue table layout, and that’s about it. Blackjack pays 3 to 2, and insurance pays 2 to 1.

Spribe Blackjack

Russian Poker

Spribe Russian Poker is still not another title by the provider you must experience. The game is just like Texas Hold’Em, and it’s provably fair. The player gets one hand and chooses which cards to keep. You can stay in the game, increase your bet, or fold. If the dealer has a better hand, you lose and vice versa. It’s a fast-paced and nicely designed poker game. We especially liked the designs of the Jack, Queen, and King cards.

Russian Poker

P2P Poker & Skill Games

Besides the flagship turbo Spribe games, this brand also has five poker and skill alternatives. All of these were built using the latest HTML5 technology, making them perfect for mobile use. Spribe promotes them as ‘advanced P2P games.’

  • Poker โ€“ Play Holdem, Omaha, and Omaha 6+ and partake in various poker tournaments like Freeroll, Buyin, and Satellites. Spribe Poker comes with in-game missions, personalized offers, VIP points, and provably fair technology.
  • Backgammon โ€“ Try out three different 3D boards and test your backgammon skills against other players. Spribe Backgammon offers four game types and supports several types of tournaments.
  • Bura โ€“ Play the innovative and advanced version of Spribe Bura alongside the Spin Game mode. You can enjoy 3-card and 5-card action as well as partake in tournaments.
  • Domino โ€“ If the simplicity and tactics of Domino are your things, try Spribe Domino. It’s an interactive interface, changing skins, and rewarding tournaments are just what you need.
  • Seka โ€“ Spribe Seka is the perfect way to experience this creative card betting game. The brand offers different skins, tournaments, and a mobile-optimized P2P action.

Best Casinos With Spribe Games

Would you like to try all the impressive games by Spriber by don’t know where to start? Well, luckily for you, we have all the best online casinos that offer them. The gambling sites listed below have amazing games, and generous bonuses and are 100% legit. Just pick whatever rocks your boat and enjoy the unique Spribe mini-games within minutes.

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100% up to โ‚ฌ100,000 + 30 Free Spins
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100% Up To โ‚ฌ500
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20% Cashback

Final Thoughts

Spribe is an excellent and refreshing online casino game provider. The company goes beyond the familiar slots and table games by introducing unique gameplay and features. We really love all of its games, especially the thrilling Aviator and Plinko. If you want to see how simplicity can increase your adrenaline levels like crazy, we suggest you try any of the Spribe games right away.