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AdvCash Online Casinos


AdvCash – the popular e-wallet used by thousands of users globally. It offers bank cards and accepts cryptocurrencies. Besides that, AdvCash customers get an IBAN number, online access to balance, and many other online banking features. By being a great e-wallet provider, AdvCash took its place among online casino players.

More About AdvCash

AdvCash was established in 2014 and holds a headquarters in Belize. At the moment, the company states that it has more than 6 million customers, and supports more than 150 countries globally.

By being licensed in Belize, the customers are not protected by the EU authorities.

What Benefits do AdvCash provide?

The customers of AdvCash can get a bank card. It’s very convenient because withdrawn funds from an online casino can be used to pay at thousands of places where Visa and MasterCard are accepted. It also can be used to take cash out of ATMs.

Moreover, the users of AdvCash have the ability to use online banking on a desktop or mobile app and always see transaction history, and balance, and even make bank transfers.

The best part, AdvCash has implemented cryptocurrencies. You can accept them directly to your bank account and then exchange them for USD or EUR.

How to Deposit Using AdvCash at Online Casino?

It’s truly really simple and quick. Just follow the procedures as follow:

  1. Open the banking/cashier page at a selected online casino with AdvCash.
  2. Find the AdvCash logo or title and click on it.
  3. The deposit window will open where the necessary details such as an amount must be entered.
  4. The money is going to be credited to your online casino instantly.

It’s simple, fast, and very convenient!

Making Withdrawal With AdvCash

Happily, AdvCash works for cashouts from online casinos as well. The process is usual, just go to your online casino cashier, select withdrawal, and AdvCash. That’s it. The money should get into your e-wallet within the set frame of time.

AdvCash Casinos Fees

Users can use AdvCash totally free. The deposits and withdrawals are free.

However, the company applies the fees personally to its users. For example, a SEPA transfer will cost โ‚ฌ3,5, while ordering a card is priced at โ‚ฌ19.95 or $19.95 if a card’s currency is set to USD.

The whole list of fees can be found on the official AdvCash website.

It is free to make a deposit or withdraw money out of the online casino!

Where AdvCash Works?

This e-wallet supports more than 150 countries globally. Of course, it is oriented to European countries, but users from Brazil, Vietnam, New Zealand, the Philippines, and many others are welcome here too.

Just check the site, and try to open an account if you know if the country you reside in is accepted. The list always changes and it is dynamic, so if your country isn’t available right now, it could be within a couple of months.

What Currencies AdvCash Supports?

The three main currencies are EUR, USD, and GBP, however, there are more currencies like KZT, VND, BRL, etc., and cryptos such as BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, BNB, and others.

Downsides of AdvCash

AdvCash has a license from the Belize Financial Services Commission (FSC) which of course, cannot enforce the regulations that we are all used to in Europe or Asia.

Also, the list of countries that are not able to use its services it’s still not very appealing to some customers.

More Details About The Company

Address: Unit 104 of The Bentley, Cor. #16 A Street & Princess Margaret Drive, Belize City, Belize

Support email:



AdvCash is an awesome e-wallet with a lot of great features. It’s really convenient to use and supports many different currencies, as well as cryptocurrencies. It also has mobile apps available for iOS and Android. Not to mention top-notch online banking which is really easy to use.

AdvCash is a great option to use at online casinos because of its wide spectrum of services and features.