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Best Bank Transfer Online Casinos


Bank transfer is one of the most popular payment methods among online casino users. It’s a regular one that every one of us is used to sending payments for many reasons. Most of the time, it’s very convenient and trusted.

There are plenty of different banks around the world. Every country has at least a few operating banks, while some bank brands cover more than one region. Depending on your country, you should be able to choose from a few available banks.

The payment method is the best choice for conservative players and for those who don’t want to open new accounts, provide personal details to e-wallets, and are not familiar with new technology such as cryptocurrencies.

How to Make a Deposit Using a Bank Transfer?

First of all, you must have an account at one of the online casinos that offer this payment method. We have a long list of such casinos. And then follow these very simple steps:

  1. Open an online casino cashier page
  2. Select deposit and choose “Bank transfer”
  3. You will get payment details such as bank name, account number, etc.
  4. Go to your bank website and choose the e-banking feature
  5. Initiate the transfer and enter the details you’ve got from the online casino
  6. Confirm and verify your payment
  7. Depending on the bank, funds should be deposited into the casino within 1-7 days.

How to Withdraw Funds From an Online Casino?

If the selected online casino has bank transfer withdrawal enabled, the procedure is very simple.

  1. Log in to your bank account and find your account number (IBAN)
  2. Go to the casino’s cashier and select withdrawal
  3. Provide your bank details such as account number, name, address, etc. Also, enter a withdrawal amount
  4. Confirm it
  5. Depending on the bank, country, and online casino, the funds will reach your bank account within 1-7 days


Bank transfer is one of the most popular payment options, but the reasons are very clear. It’s safe, we all know how to do it, and we must have a bank account anyway (in today’s world).

The negative side of bank transfers – slow payments. Most of the time it takes a few business days, and in some cases, it can take 7 days. That’s a lot!