Play Responsibly

Hey, this is Casino Chap, your buddy. I am socially responsible. So let’s talk about gambling in another view this time. It doesn’t matter we like to entertain ourselves sometimes, it may turn to a totally different way. Sometimes gambling may become a pretty serious problem which affects the quality of life.

We care about you, that’s why we highly recommend playing responsibly. And when you notice that gambling takes a bigger part in your life, start controlling yourself! If it is not enough, we suggest you get help from professionals. Furthermore, read some educational material.

Furthermore, some resources contain information for family members who have any relatives with gambling issues. We recommend reading and learning more. In addition, some organizations and help websites provide a lot of information related to support groups and rehab centers.

Depending on the country, you have several ways to reach your local gambling helpline or live chat. Contact them fearlessly. They save your privacy and anonymity. Also, they will help you dealing with gambling addiction.

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Do you have information about organizations and support groups in your region or country? Let us know! We will gladly add them into this page.

Also, check our detailed gambling help infographic!