How to Find Asian bookmaker With High Odds

Sports betting popularity in Asia has grown drastically in recent years and at the moment a yearly increase of 5% is a standard. That, of course, impacted the appearance of lots of new sports bookmakers as well. Freshly opened operator popups without testing the previous one properly. That can become quite a challenging task that consumes a lot of time. The player must evaluate what the sports broker offers, deposit and withdrawal methods, and plenty of other factors. And of course, most importantly, a gambler always wants to get the best and the highest odds.

Our team will quickly review what are the most important factors when choosing an Asian bookmaker with high odds. So without further ado, let’s go and find the best betting broker!

Payment Methods

Despite that you are probably looking for the best odds, it would soon become irrelevant if one of the player’s preferred payment methods is not accepted at the selected operator. So firstly we highly recommend checking how you can make a deposit and cash out your winnings.

In some cases, operators might not accept the same method for withdrawing the funds out of an account that was previously used for putting money in. So it’s very important to check this as well.

Moreover, in recent years, crypto bookmakers and online casinos have exploded. We think that going with cryptocurrencies is a good choice, especially in Asia.

Lastly, always check how long deposits and withdrawals take. You probably don’t want to wait for winnings too long. In some rare cases, transfers can take up to 7 days. Way too long!

License of Bookmaker

Another really important key factor when choosing an Asian broker. If the operator does not have a license, be extra careful. It means any of the authorities have checked the bookmaker for compliance. Also, it means, no one will be able to help you if the dispute between you and the gambling site arises.

There are plenty of institutions around the world, but the most trusted are located in the United Kingdom and Malta. The most popular is issued in Curacao, however, it has a bit lower standards than those mentioned previously. But it doesn’t mean that the bookmaker is somehow worse. There are lots of very reputable and solid betting brokers.

High Odds

Yes, it’s already pretty obvious, however, we have a couple of tips to add to what you probably already know. Firstly, sometimes odds can vary depending on the sport event, or type. So it’s recommended to compare the odds of sports bookmakers only on the categories where you make the most bets. Sometimes one broker can have impressive odds on basketball events, but very low for baseball. While other provides solid odds for baseball, but poor for football. But who cares if you don’t know who the Messi is, right?

So go through the odds of a few selected Asian betting brokers before making a deposit. It will be profitable in the future!

The Supply of Events

This part can be tricky sometimes. Even though it looks like bookmakers have every sports category, it doesn’t mean all the leagues and countries are covered. Check that as well by going straight on the games you bet the most.

Of course, if you have awesome odds for basketball at broker A and seeing over-the-roof odds for football at bookmaker B, why don’t open accounts on both? Especially, if they both offer everything you need.


Finding an Asian bookmaker with high odds is a tricky task, however, knowing exactly where to look makes it much simpler and faster. Just always remember to check the payment options, what license a bookmaker has, and odds together with your favorite sports. That’s it! You almost found a perfect broker.

However, don’t be too relaxed, it’s always a good idea to check what reviews online say, and what other punters comment. It will help you to avoid shady and dishonest bookmakers.

Good luck!