The online gambling market is one of the most lucrative on the planet – in 2021 it was valued at around $66 billion and that’s only set to rise. This is thanks to a huge multitude of factors, including legislation changing in certain countries and new online casinos popping up almost every day. But one of the often overlooked factors of this growth is the speed at which people can get their winnings getting quicker and quicker.

Fast payout casinos, such as the great selection of online casinos you can find at Spelaspel, are becoming increasingly popular. Today we’re going to take a look at what these special casinos actually are and why they’re so popular.

Importance of fast payout casinos

What are fast-payout casinos?

As the name suggests, these types of casinos have systems and payment processors which often allow users to get their payouts almost instantly after their withdrawal request has been approved.

These types of casinos have created a whole new era in the online gambling industry. We now live in a world that is incredibly dynamic and built around speed – people don’t want to be waiting days to get their hands on money they’ve rightfully won.

It was only a short time ago when players had to wait the best part of a week to get their hands on any money they had won. This was a huge thorn in the side of players and could cause players anxiety, checking their bank account over and over to see if the money had landed.

Thanks to advances in technology and the creation of incredibly fast payment processors such as PayPal, waiting around for money to hit your account has basically become a thing of the past.

Why are these casinos so popular?

The primary reason they’re so popular is pretty simple – players get their winnings pretty much instantly. There are no more waiting-around days. You simply have to put in a withdrawal request, and send your information over to be verified and as soon as it’s verified the money is on its way to the bank.

Many of these fast payout casinos have quick verification times on top of the speedy withdrawal methods. Withdrawal verification times can take up to a week at some online casinos, but fast payout casinos will usually have you verified within 48 hours tops.

On top of this reason, you have the fact that the more players who play on these casinos increase their popularity. This in turn causes more of these types of casinos to be made, meaning more choices overall.

Many of these faster payout methods are incredibly popular in their own right. They’re huge, billion-dollar companies with great reputations, meaning they’re trustworthy and totally secure. You’ll find plenty of security measures in place – from two-factor authentication all the way to 128-bit SSL-encrypted transactions. This ensures that any withdrawals players make are totally secure – another reason why they’re so popular.

The best fast-payout casinos offer much more than great payout methods – They have a wide range of different casino software to enjoy. These often include a massive selection of online slots, live casino games such as Blackjack or Roulette, scratchcards, lotto and more. Let’s not forget the top-notch customer service you can expect, with things such as round-the-clock live chat and phone support.

The casino bonuses that are offered by fast-payout casinos are great as well. You can find heaps of free spins, huge welcome packages, no deposit bonuses and plenty more!

Finally, these types of casinos are always adding new speedy payment methods. One of the newest additions you can find at select casinos is cryptocurrencies, which don’t just offer speed but also unparalleled anonymity in transactions.


It’s pretty easy to see why playing on a fast payout casino is important – not only do you get your money quicker than a regular online casino in a safe and secure manner, but the casinos also offer a huge range of games, bonuses, perks and much, much more.